Report your Cluster data project to the list of Ongoing Science Projects

To read the list of ongoing projects, go to

To submit your own project, fill in the form below and submit.

Your submitted project description will be checked for completeness, before it is put on the list of ongoing projects. You may also receive comments from the EFW Pinciple Investigator, for example, that a similar study is already on the list of EFW projects.

To remove a project description from the list, send an email to the EFW PI
A description is changed by removing the old description, and submitting a new.

1) Name of contact person:

2) Email of contact person:

3) Position in the EFW community: (see below for details)

4) Title of your project: (must fit in the box below)

5) Short description of your project: (must fit in the box below)

6) Cluster instruments used, one or several of EFW, FGM, STAFF, WHISPER, WBD, DWP, EDI, ASPOC, CIS, PEACE and RAPID (Optional)

7) Time intervals (maximum of five). Format: YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM.SS.mmm (Optional)
Ex 2000. - 2001.

8) Url address to your web page (for further details of the project, more time intervals etc). (Optional)

Position in the Cluster community:

  • PI, Principle Investigator of EFW.
  • Co-I, Co-Investigator of EFW, see list of CO-Is.
  • Associate, is associated with one of the EFW Co-Is.
  • Other, anybody not fitting in one of the above categories.
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