M. André (1), G. Gustafsson (1), R. Behlke (1), T. Carozzi (1), A.-I. Eriksson (1), Y.

Khotyaintsev (1), A. Tjulin (1), A. Vaivads (1), J.-E. Wahlund (1), N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin


(1) Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala division, Box 537, SE-75121 Uppsala,

Sweden, (2) CETP/UVSQ, Vélizy, France


We present an overview of wave observations obtained onboard the four Cluster

satellites using the Electric Field and Wave Experiment (EFW) in cooperation with

the Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuations (STAFF) experiment. We

concentrate on phenomena at frequencies from essentially static fields, up to 180 Hz.

Observations from different regions of the magnetosphere and the magnetosheath

are investigated. In particular we compare wave phenomena observed by four

satellites separated by distances of the order of thousand kilometers. The degree of

coherence between observations at different satellites is investigated. The

observations are also used to investigate energy transport in the magnetosphere.