H.StC Alleyne (1), M.A. Balikhin (1), S.N. Walker (1), K.H. Yearby (1), G.G.

Gustafsson (2), M Andre (2), N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin (3), P.M.E Décréau (4), D

Gurnett (5),), M.P. Gough (6), A. Buckley (6), A. Balogh (7), M.W. Dunlop (7).

(1) The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K. (2) Swedish Institute of Space

Physics, Uppsala, Sweden (3) CETP, Vélizy, France. (4) LPCE, Orléans, France.

(5) University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA. (6) University of Sussex, Falmer, Sussex,

UK. (7) ICSTM, London, UK / Fax 44 114 5661

Within the Wave Experiment Consortium (WEC) onboard the Cluster spacecraft,

there are several instruments that measure the wave activity by different means

producing complementary data. Until the advent of Cluster, measurements of the

wave vector were limited to its projection on the satellite separation vector. By

using wave data from four satellites it is possible to compute the actual wave vector

k as a three dimensional quantity. In this paper the 3D dispersion of LF Electric

field waves seen in the magnetosheath by the Wave instruments on the four Cluster

Spacecraft are discussed.