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This type of figure is frequently used in the "potential pitfalls" section of the documentation.  The images are all 700x900 resolution, although they are usually displayed at a smaller size so as to fit better on the page.  To view them at full resolution, right-click on the image and select "view image" (Netscape) or "show picture" (IE).  The image format is png (Portable Network Graphics).  This seems to be a problem on older windows-based browsers.  Possible workarounds include the Quick Time plugin, or upgrading to a later browser such as Netscape 7.  I should probably switch these over to gif format for back-compatibility.

The top panel gives the negative satellite potential.  The solid line at the bottom gives the ASPOC status.  Green means off, while red means on.  Dashed vertical lines indicate the times of the spins shown in the bottom panels.  Time (marked at the bottom of panel 4) is in decimal hours.

The second panel gives Ex.  The black line is from probe pair 1-2, while the red line comes from pair 3-4.  The green line is EDI data, while the blue points are estimates of E from CIS-HIA and FGM prime parameter data.  Some plots may have orange points, which are from CIS-CODIF.  Moments from CODIF are not generally as reliable as those from HIA.  The reference frame is stationary; that is, the satellite VxB field has been subtracted.

The third panel gives Ey.  The colour coding is the same as in panel 2.

The fourth panel is the magnetic field (spin resolution from FGM).  Black is the GSE X component, red is Y amd green is Z.  Time is in decimal hours.

The bottom panels give sample spins, from the times indicated by dashed lines in the top panel.  Black is for probe pair 12, while red is for 34.  The signal is plotted as a function of sun angle; the sun is located at 0 degrees.  The interval selected is not necessarily centred from 0 to 360 degrees, so time does not necessarily monotonically increase from left to right.  Red dashed lines mark the angle that the projected magnetic field makes in the spin plane (parallel and antiparallel), while blue lines  mark the projected ram direction.  Green lines mark 0 and +/- 1 nT.